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Why book with a travel agent? 

The benefit to you is simple: we book the travel so you don’t have to. All without any cost to you.


The logistics of booking travel requires time-consuming research, comparison, and consideration. For less experienced travelers, busy people, or those who prefer to let someone else do the hard work, travel agents like Salty Seas is an excellent solution.


As avid travelers and experienced tourism professionals, we have insider knowledge, tips, and tricks to help solve the logistical headache of planning a trip. And as travel agents, we have access to resources not available to the general public that benefits you and your travel plans. This means we may be able to find deals, discounts, or promotions that lower the cost of your trip.


And when you choose Salty Seas Travel Agency you’re helping support a small business and Stephanie’s dream of making travel accessible to everyone. We charge no fees for our service. Instead, we earn a small commission from the companies through which I book your travel. ​

Why not just book with a company directly? 

Salty Seas Travel Agency is focused on you. We dedicate our time to listening to your needs and making your travel interests a reality by completing a full itinerary; we’re a one-stop-shop.


You could make travel plans on your own, but this would require that you spend time calling each provider directly (each transportation provider, hotel, car service, etc.) to make these reservations. And when you call those providers, you may be connected to a person who takes hundreds of phone calls a day, and whose focus is not on you and your needs. 

Processing of payments

After reviewing your travel itinerary, payment of some sort will be due. Usually airfare will be due immediately, however resorts and cruises will only require a deposit. You will be providing Salty Seas Travel Agency with your payment, however we will never process payments under our travel agency name. Your payments will always come under what company you are traveling with, ( i.e. Disney, Royal Caribbean, Hyatt, Hertz). While booking your reservations we will walk through every step with you, for when payments are due. 

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